Road to Guanajuato New cover 4

the road to guanajuato
Estranged from his father for 23 years, Joe Livernois recently joined his siblings for a reunion on the occasion of his father's 80th birthday in the heart of Mexico. The Road to Guanajuato is a personal account of the circumstances that led to that estrangement. They may not have found what they thought they needed from this incorrigible man on the trip, but the reunion was a mystical, heartening, maddening and comic experience that included inept bullfighters, an international beer-drinking contest, the Mayan Oracle, a warehouse for mummies, a Mexican soap opera star, an ubiquitous procession of pilgrims, a tamale standoff and the most sweetly sincere and happy people they've ever met. And they came to terms with Pop in ways they never expected. Click here to order a copy.